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so we decided to get a blog with unlimited photos and videos.

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Pak Kred Babies Home

our trip to Nonthaburi

semi-overcast 32 °C

So we kept meaning to get up early every morning to go to Pak kred Babies Home and find the place where the free minibus goes from but we just couldn't get up that early (probably something to do with getting to bed at 3am every morning......)
Anyway on our last day in Bangkok we found out you could get a boat there so we headed over to Pra ArThit Pier and got on the Orange Flag Chao Praya Express Boat to Nonthaburi (last stop. 15 baht each)
It was a really nice ride actually cos there was a breeze and sometimes i got sprayed by the water which was refreshing.

When we got to Nonthaburi we didn't see one other westerner all day ! So it was quite hard to get the taxi driver to understand where we wanted to go, even when we showed him the road name in Thai. In the end we had to get Mimi on the phone to tell him we wanted to go to an orphanage, not a hotel!
When we finally got there (Taxi about 80 baht from the Nonthaburi Pier 3) we walked down this long road past various institutions like the home for the blind ( i just wrote bling), young womens home, home for the handicapped etc. and finally got the Pak Kred Babies Home. We walked to the reception and donated all the toys and clothes that Henrietta had given us and they seemed happy, we asked if we could stay and play with the children and have a look around and they agreed although they looked quite suprised to see us at first ...

A guy took us to this room where he said the 4-6 month old babies were. We went in and they were all in a sort of enclosure. some of them lying on the floor some of them sitting up, some poking each other lol. They had some toys in the corner but not many. He asked whether we wanted boys or girls, then plucked out a girl for me and a boy for Shane and we carried them outside (he said they are grateful of volunteers because the babies don't get to go outside much because they don't have enough people to take each baby outside every day)
They gave us some bowls of sticky rice and baby bottles of water to give them. So we sat down and fed them and gave them the bottles then walked around with them outside for a bit and just generally cuddle them and played with them. They were very calm and didn't cry at all, although when the girl baby was first given to me she looked at me like I was an alien - I suppose they aren't all that familiar with western faces.
She was very wriggly, and kept sticking her feet up in the air but Shane's little boy was very calm and was just lunched out in his arms.

We couldn't stay too long because we had to check out of our room by 6pm and we were leaving Bangkok that night. So we made our way back to the Pier (again difficult to tell the taxi driver where we wanted to go, had to use Mimi as a translator again!) And arrived back at our guesthouse just in time to check out.
Then we met up with Rob for dinner in a place called RCA which had loads of VIP, plush clubs along the street. Had a discusting ham and cheese toasted sandwich because we were in a hurry but Shane had a really nice banana and vanilla milkshake.
Had a really funny taxi driver from cambodia on the way to the train station who kept saying we should get him to drive us to Chiang Mai instead and then when we got to the train station he said "10,000 baht!! " and laughed his head off!

It was sad to see so many babies that didn't have parents but good to know there are places like that to look after them....it was also very sad - at the train station we saw a little girl, must have been only a year old crying her eyes out on the platform and the only person who was looking after her was her little brother who must have been about 5 or 6 years old. : (

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Sapanpoot Night Market

sunny 33 °C

We went to Sapanpoot Night Market in a tuk-tuk with Rob and Mimi which was really cool, no westerners there and loads more interesting stuff for sale than on Khao San. We walked around the stalls and saw knuckle dusters, lighters, bongs, hip hop clothes, some new rave style tshirts, loads of flip flops, watches, thai silk boxers and teeny weeny little shorts which I would never fit into : ( thai people are so tiny!! They was even a pet stall selling tiny bunnies, hamsters and mice and you could even buy little tshirts and dresses to put on your bunny. haha. poor things though.
It was right by the river aswell so we climbed up some steps, past a very smelly homeless guy and saw a really nice view of the city across the river.
Then we went back to Khao San and saw this couple with a tiny baby struggling with all their bags, they had like rucksacks and a travel cot and a guitar and the lady had the baby on her front so Shane offered to help carry their bags to their guesthouse - turns out the guesthouse was right behind the temple which is ages away & I had to go back to go to the loo big time so unfortunately i couldn't help......hah.
Anyway so lovely Shane helped carry the heavy travel cot all the way and then when they got there they asked him if they could pray for him and both put their arms around him and were thanking god for sending him to them etc - Shane was really drunk and got a bit freaked out - turns out they were missionaries who had come to preach in the buddhist country of Thailand.......They gave Shane a bible to take with him (the reason they were struggling so much was that one of the rucksacs was full of bibles!) Well i suppose that's given us some good karma/brownie points with god.
Anyway after that had some cocktails and beer and Rob and Mimi ordered the Papaya Salad which is really spicy and you can only really eat it a few strands at a time. But Mimi didn't think it was spicy enough and sent it back to the kitchen asking for more chillies. The waiter came back and told her he had put 5 more chillies in it !! Rob and Mimi went a bit quiet after eating that and Rob looked a bit red and sweaty and was sitting there with his tongue out for the next half hour!!

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Sticky sticky rice

sunny 30 °C

Oh my it's so hot in Bangkok ! We've now moved from the plush hotel with elevator, rooftop pool and a/c to a cheaper one down this side street off Khao San Road and it's very STICKY. There isn't even a ceiling fan, just an electric one strapped to the wall. But it's alright. Cheep cheep.
Last night we went to Lumpini park because some random thai guy told us there was a festival there but turns out there wasn't....and our tuk-tuk driver ended up being a bastard and charging us 400baht for the ride because we wouldn't stop at all his 'stops' where he wanted us to shop for him so he could get a petrol coupon. But i suppose everyone get ripped off at least once in Bangkok...!
We had a really nice tuk-tuk driver today though that took us to the river to get a boat ride, waited for us for an hour then took us to some temples and back to khao san road all for 60baht! That's around 1 pound!
The ride on the river was in a longtail boat which took us down the khlongs (canals), loads of people live along there and some little old ladies in canoe boats came up to us and sold us a paper fan and a singha beer, floating market style.

Still eating yummy food all the time - the banana pancakes are soooo amazing. We've not eaten any western food since we've been here which is nice. At least I don't have to try hard at all to avoid Pasta and Pizza and bread. Shane had a really hot Thai green curry last night even though green curry's not really supposed to be hot, is it? I guess it is in Thailand.
We walked around and wanted to go to the Grand Palace but apparently it was closed because the King's sister has died or something.........not really sure if that's true or if the guy who told us was just drumming up business for the tuk-tuk drivers.

Also I've just about got used to taxi drivers everywhere on khao san road going 'Ping pong? ping pong show?? Banana show??!' NO THANKS ! Then they make the 'pop' noise.....NO !
Hopefully meeting up with Josh today cos apparently he's in Bangkok too.....then meeting up with Rob and Mimi on wednesday. On thursday the plan is to go to Pak kred Babies Home to donate lots of babies clothes and toys (which henrietta & andrew donated!) and hopefully volunteer for half a day. Then from there we'll go to Kanchanaburi and go to the Tiger Temple I think. Also going to book our sleeper train to Chiang Mai soon because I sort of want to get out of the city !

There's loads of little tiny weeny skin and bones kittens everywhere and I just want to put one in my bag and take it back to our guesthouse and keep it as a pet......but I can't can I ? It will probably give me a disease. Shane was squirting hand sanitizer all over me after I'd been stroking one of them in a cafe haha.
Also people just drive around with babies around Lochie's age in front of them on their motorbikes, it's crazy!
There's so much great stuff to buy on Khao san (also a lot of crap though..) i wanted to get a fake mulberry bag but they're about 50 quid..! also there's loads of nice jersey dresses and shorts and moccassin boots and leather bags.

Anyway we're off to get some banana pancakes from a street stall and try and find josh. We tried to put some photos on facebook but it was taking TOO long so we're going to try tomorrow when there's less people in the internet place.



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hello from BKK

finally here....

sunny 33 °C

hello just to let you know we arrived safely - although we did have a kamikaze taxi driver from the airport to bangkok !!
when we first got out of the taxi it was literally like a wall of heat - SO hot and humid...and i was wearing sweaty betty leggings from the plane!!!
walked around for a while trying to find khao san road (backpacker central). So many smells...not all nice ones ! We saw a lady living in what can only be described as a magazine cave with her cat. (a newsagents!)
Staying at this quite nice guesthouse with a rooftop pool (just been for a swim) called D & D Inn right on Khao San road. Might move somewhere quieter and cheaper tomorrow night.
About to go out and have our first Thai meal in actual Thailand ! Still can't believe we're here....it's so surreal !






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4 days to go !


oh my gush.......only 4 days to go before we leave ! I havn't exactly been fantastic at updating the blog through the planning stage but we've both been very busy working.

well, there was a point where i wasn't even very happy about going because the weather was beautiful in england, so hot and sunny, everyone was walking around in shorts and eating ice lollies and there was loads of parties planned and festivals and everyone was talking about the summer that I was going to miss out on !!
but now it's raining ALOT outside and on bank holiday monday it even rained so much that the famous packhorse fair was cancelled ! here's my short film which includes footage from the last 2 years of packhorse fair:



more rubbish stuff about england at the moment which is now making me glad to leave:

the tax has run out on my car so i can't really drive it

petrol prices are SKY HIGH

it's awful weather

all my friends have gone to sunrise festival

and i've had a stomach bug for the past few days & now can't bring myself to eat anything in my fridge incase it was the culprit.....bring on thai food !!!!!

I think we are going to be ok for money, especially as one of the guys that shane works with is going to buy my car !! (or at least he says he is...) we're expecting the money tomorrow. We've only just found out (duh) that we can buy mosquito nets, repellent, umbrellas, toiletries and just about everything else in Bangkok for a fraction of the price here in england !
And our To Do list is dwindling rapidly which is brilliant...overdraft approved - check! vaccinations - check! travel insurance - check !

Oh and here's the really great news ! - we found out that we can buy doxycycline (the malaria drug we're going to need) in the Boots on Khao San Road for 3 baht per pill which is about 5p. Which is great considering it's 20p per pill over here ! People were saying oooh i wouldn't buy medication in bangkok....but i figured since it's from Boots then it can't be dodgy....can it? We'll keep you posted on that one anyway..........

I've just turned into Monica and am making a 'preliminary itinerary' for our trip (just to make sure we get to singapore on time for our flight and don't miss anything we want to do.....not because i'm a gigantic geek or anything......)
So i'll update you later on the 'itinerary!!' haha.

Also better go and do some yoga and douse myself in fake tan because I've got to be seen.....by real people....with their EYES in about a week either in shorts or a bikini....NIGHTMARE !

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My Photography

....please buy it !


Still Saving

well, 5 weeks to go !

if anyone reads this who likes photography and would like to enjoy photography while helping some poor long travellers save up money then please buy a card or a print of my photography at redbubble.com



Muchas Gracias !!!

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Now we're panicking........


Good News: We've booked our tickets !
Bad News: We now have no money, no immunity to any diseases, no visas and no travel insurance !

I booked our tickets with STA Travel last week - exciting! But also scary.

We are leaving on the 31st of May which is just over 6 weeks away and there's SO much to organise which we hadn't really realised the urgency of until now !

Shane (screw the codenames i can't remember what they were anyway!) has got to renew his passport which takes about 3 weeks to get back to us - which mean we're going to have to get all our visas while we're over there in various cities that we will be at. Which means we'll have to stay in Bangkok for at least 4 days to wait for our visas to be ready.

I've been doing so much research and organising that everything is falling out of my head and I have a large headache and neckache from looking at my laptop for too long. : (

I know Laos and Cambodian visas are available at the borders but Vietnamese and Indian visas will need to be sorted out in Bangkok or Vientiane or somewhere !

Also we've realised the massive expense of travel immunisations....I've just had my Hep A booster and Thyphoid injection today (owie, but at least I didn't faint this time!) which are free but We have to have a Rabies course which is 4 injections costing £110 for the whole course, then there's Hep B which is £66 for the course of 3 injections and we don't have to have the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine but it's recommended for the areas and the season we are travelling in and for the length of time we will be there (s.e asia & india, wet season, 3 months) and after researching it, I REALLY don't want to get it ! So I want to get the vaccine but once Shane found out it was going to be £120 for the full course plus having to go to and from Bristol 3 times in the next 6 weeks....he wasn't so keen!

In total for both of us the vaccines are going to come to £472 !!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous !! But how gutted would we be if one of us ended up getting it but we had decided not to spend an extra few hundred quid for the sake of our lives !?

Anyway the jury is still out on that one. I suppose it depends on how much money we can get in the next 6 weeks........

We're selling my car and Shane is working weekends doing extra work aswell as his normal job but I only have a part time job which means less money but I suppose it gives me time to organise stuff because if I was working full time aswell I don't know how we would have the time to sort out everything.

I better go (off to do some extra babysitting!) because I have a gigantic headache.....aaarrrrg.

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No. 1 : At home in England.

i suppose this is a test....


DON'T PANIC ! We havn't left yet.....

i just thought i'd better start the travel blog as we are booking our tickets any day now and are getting everything ready aswell...it'd probably be just as helpful to other people reading this blog to read about the planning stage of going travelling aswell ....because that's the one thing i'm clueless about - all the details and 'bibs and bobs' you have to sort out before you leave....because most other travel blogs i've looked at have just been people raving on about what a great time they're having in ...where ever.
which we will of course be doing as well......in about 2 months.


this is us - ella & shane.

Here is where we live now in England :



this is what we will be trying to do............

this is the plan so far : leaving at the end of May. The 31st if possible. Just after the crackhorse fair !!

London - Bangkok - Singapore - Mumbai - London.

and vietnam, cambodia, laos, kuala lumpur, goa and various thai/malaysian islands in between !

and who knows when we will be back.................

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